Creating a fun and practical advocacy toolkit for sun safe play

A leafy playground offering ample shade under mature trees. Children enjoy the structures, including a slide and swings, with wood chips underfoot for safety.

Did you know that shade can reduce UV exposure up to 75%? 

We supported Cancer Council NSW with the development of a Shade Advocacy Toolkit to help parents, volunteers, teachers and communities advocate for more shade. The toolkit includes information, tools and resources that highlight the importance of shade to protect children from the harmful effects of UV.

The Shade Advocacy Toolkit project included an initial desktop review where we worked closely with the Cancer Council to review existing research on UV and the benefits of shade. We narrowed down our evidence base by looking at what information is most powerful when talking to decision-makers. During this phase we found out that there are many co-benefits to more green shade (improved health and wellbeing, lowering temperatures, reducing the impacts of climate change) and these can strengthen the case for shade.

The next step included calling on our communication and design experts to put together words that work and designs that dazzle for:

  • key messages
  • decision-maker map
  • social media tiles for sharing 
  • an advocacy letter template
  • PowerPoint presentation.

All resources were designed to be adapted and used by community members. We also tested our resources with some user-testing to make sure they were on the right track.

Check out the Shade Advocacy Toolkit

How can we help?
This toolkit really has us thinking… what other issues need advocacy tools and support? Get in touch if you think we can help you with an advocacy toolkit.
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Communication and Engagement Consultant
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Managing Director & Director of Communications
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We developed a practical toolkit to support people to advocate for sun safe play spaces.


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