We are experienced in helping organisations to create positive change in their communities.

We are both experienced in and passionate about community-based behaviour change. We also deliver community development and local initiatives in partnerships with councils and community groups.

Collaborative workshops
Quality education

Youth workshops for the senior secondary pathways review

We facilitated four youth workshops to support the Department of Education’s review of senior secondary pathways into further education, training and work. These workshops and our reports are providing valuable insights from young people to the expert review Panel.

Human centred co-design
Good health and well-being

Human centred co-design to improve adherence to preventative asthma medication

The Social Deck is leading a series of focus groups and co-design workshops with consumers, stakeholders and health care professionals to understand the barriers to adherence to preventative asthma medication and come up with potential strategies and solutions to address this.

Social marketing
Good health and well-being

Social marketing to tackle smoking

In partnership with Indigenous-owned creative agency, Gilimbaa, we work with the Cancer Institute of NSW (CINSW) to design and implement a social marketing strategy to reach Aboriginal people across NSW via Facebook, to raise awareness of the Quitline and influence their behaviours to quit smoking.

Behaviour change
Affordable and clean energy

Solar for business, barriers and benefits analysis

Drawing on our passion for clean energy solutions, we worked with Zero Emissions Noosa to undertake a series of interviews with local business owners to understand the key barriers and benefits to businesses installing rooftop solar.

Behaviour change
Sustainable cities and communities

Noosa Transport Behaviour Change Program

We worked with Noosa Shire Council to develop a sustainable transport behaviour change program designed to shift the primary mode of transport for community members and tourists away from cars toward more sustainable transport such as cycling, walking and public transport.

Decent work and economic growth

Try, Test and Learn co-development workshops

We facilitated a series of workshops on behalf of the federal Department of Social Services to co-develop with key partners and stakeholders a number of innovative programs to address welfare dependence among priority populations.

Education resources
Clean water and sanitation

Educational resources and online tools

In 2018, we worked with Southeast Queensland water utility, Unitywater, to develop educational resources and online tools to support teachers and students to learn about urban water systems, sewage treatment and reducing single-use plastic water bottles.

Capacity building
Decent work and economic growth

Noosa venture playbook

We collaborated with Innovate Noosa and the Noosa Chamber of Commerce to develop the Noosa Venture Playbook, a digital tool to support individuals and organisations to improve their ability to start, scale and grow an innovative venture in Noosa.

Community development
Sustainable cities and communities

Mackay Community Development Strategy

We worked with Mackay Regional Council and stakeholders to develop the 2017 Mackay Region Community Development Strategy. This included an extensive engagement and co-design process to create a community-driven strategy and two-year action plan.

Social marketing
Good health and well-being

Community-based behaviour change program to reduce Aboriginal smoking in South Australia

Since 2014 we have worked with Nunkuwarrin Yunti, a community-controlled Aboriginal health organisation to develop and implement social marketing campaigns and behaviour change tactics to tackle Indigenous smoking rates in Adelaide.

Behaviour change
Responsible consumption and production

Workplace behaviour change - littering and dumping

We delivered a targeted behaviour change project for a mining operation that was experiencing problems around dumping and littering on site.

Education resources
Good health and well-being

Workplace mental health education

We collaborated with the Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health, based in Orange, to develop a poster for workplaces. The aim of the poster was to educate workers on the symptoms and effects of mental health along a spectrum of well to unwell and provide specific actions to undertake if help was needed.