Our commitment to inclusion

The Social Deck commits to taking action to be an inclusive and accessible business in policy and practice. We recognise our role in providing services that are accessible to and supportive of people from diverse backgrounds, and we commit to inclusive engagement and outreach.

As a responsible, for-purpose business, The Social Deck is committed to promoting diversity and representation, including in partnerships, outreach, and employment practices. We commit to fostering an inclusive, culturally safe workplace and to use our resources for the advancement of underrepresented voices.

These actions and policies for inclusive practice are not an additional service, but what The Social Deck recognises to be a minimum baseline of responsible business.

Inclusion actions

  • We will strive to make all public-facing communications and products accessible
  • We will strive to make all events (in person and online) accessible
  • Capability and understanding within The Social Deck team of inclusive practice will be subject to ongoing development and improvement
  • Our products and communications will aim to represent diversity, including onscreen representation
  • We will prioritise sourcing services from people with disability and other diverse groups
  • Where appropriate, projects will include partnerships with individuals and organisations representing relevant lived experience, including for engagement planning and facilitation
  • We will take steps to promote and support inclusive practice externally, to clients and other businesses
  • Our recruitment practices will encourage and actively seek candidates from diverse backgrounds, including people with disability, First Nations peoples and people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds
  • Our employment conditions will take into account reasonable accommodations and inclusion.