Strategic communication support for Queensland’s multicultural peak – ECCQ.

The Social Deck worked with Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland (ECCQ) to develop and implement a communication strategy to reach multicultural communities across its advocacy and services.

We regularly provided media and environmental scans of issues relevant to multicultural Queensland, developed narratives and messaging appropriate for multicultural audiences and offered advice on and implemented new communication tactics to reach emerging audience segments.

We developed a new cohesive brand that brought together 3 distinct logos for various services. The branding guidelines included easy to use templates and support for staff to be able to use them.

The final brand was very well received by the Board, staff and community.

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Sandra Jbeili
Senior Communication Consultant
Taty Hindes
Design consultant


We worked with Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland (ECCQ) to deliver a 3 year communication strategy, refreshed brand and strategic communication support.




Communication Strategy
Brand & message development
Content creation
Product development

Sustainable Development Goal

On behalf of the ECCQ team, thank you, for all the work you have done to build and support ECCQ’s marketing and comms over the past year. We have so appreciated your guidance and support which has always been very professional and high quality.
Lisa Ward, CEO at ECCQ.