Danika Davis

Editor & Copywriter

Danika provides specialist expertise in writing, editorial and content development across a range of projects. She has 17 years’ experience writing for government and other organisations and has a Bachelor of Communications, in Public Relations.

She has a passion for sharing stories and turning complex information into readable content. This has led her to become a specialist in copywriting and editing. She is experienced in researching and writing content for websites, social media, print products and media materials and delivers communication and social media strategies for The Social Deck.

Danika is a proud Aboriginal woman and has a particular interest in Indigenous and social policy issues. With more than a decade of experience in this area, she is able to bring cultural awareness to her work for the Social Deck.

Most recently, Danika has developed content for the Qld Cycling Strategy, National Redress Scheme for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse and the Data Integration Partnerships of Australia.

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Danika Davis

Danika Davis

Editor & Copywriter
15 years experience



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