2019 annual snapshot

March 2, 2020

This is a snapshot of our annual activity for 2019.

I’m so proud to work with an amazing team on so many important issues. Our small team of family and friends is committed to making a difference to society and the environment, and each year we are able to do more and more.

2019 was a great year for the growth of our business and our impact. In particular, we took on some exciting and important projects to engage with people all over the country on things we know are very important to all of society. And we continued to help communicate about important government policy and programs, and to engage people to think and act in ways that will have a positive impact.

We were privileged to be welcomed in so many communities and are humbled by the amazing work people are doing to support each other. We want to acknowledge the time of every person (close to 3000) we spoke directly to on behalf of our clients and partners and thank you for sharing your story or the stories in your community so that government can make and implement better policies.

And of course to the clients and partners we worked with in 2019, thank you for your trust in us and your support of our small business.

We believe 2020 is an extremely important year. We will continue our focus on social, health and education issues. But as we experience unprecedented and unbelievable conditions in our country and our global climate, we’ll also be focusing strongly on issues which our team are very passionate about – the environment, wildlife, climate and sustainability. In particular, ensuring people have a voice and those who are more vulnerable are not the most impacted.

We hope to do a little better in 2020 also with sharing what we think, what we’re up to and the important work happening across so many sectors.

Stay tuned on our blog and socials!

Kate Bowmaker, Managing Director

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