Michelle, Sandra and Jess at The Social Deck, Canberra office.

2021. One new job. Sixteen new friends.

December 20, 2021
Three women stand side by side and smile at the camera.
Michelle, Sandra and Jess at The Social Deck, Canberra office.

Nine months in and what an exciting year at The Social Deck.

As I reflect on all the things we’ve achieved, I’m thankful for the new ideas, diverse perspectives, and lessons learned, especially from the many wonderful people we’ve engaged with throughout this year.

The Social Deck’s commitment to purpose-driven work is unwavering.

When I joined in March 2021, I knew I was joining a team with a real passion for achieving positive change with individuals and communities.

And this commitment to making a difference has been clearly illustrated by our recent B-Corp recertification, where TSD has achieved one of the highest ratings (116.5) in Australia.

Infographic. Large circle in the middle with the number 116.5 inside. 5 smaller circles around one side, with different graphics. The graphics are of a certificate, a house, a cluster of people, the earth, and 2 hands in a handshake. In the corner of the infographic is a logo that says Certified B Corporation.

We make sense as a B-Corp because day-to-day we’re helping to tackle complex contemporary social, environmental, and public policy issues through practical, meaningful and inclusive engagement, communication and behaviour change.

But what does it really mean to be a B-Corp business, to me?

As individuals and as a team, we get to focus on topics and issues that matter to others, and to us.

We get to work with people whose values align with our own. We share a common purpose and understanding that helps us to build genuine relationships and achieve real outcomes.

I know our work is making a positive difference, because as a B-Corp we measure it .

I feel motivated, inspired, committed and fulfilled by our work almost every day.

And on the days that are hard (because there are some), I know that the strong team culture and leadership of The Social Deck will get us through any challenge.

Individually, we are talented experts in diverse, yet complementary, fields. Collectively we are a highly competent, caring and loyal team doing great things.

I started 1 new job 9 months ago, but I’ve also made 16 new friends.

I find myself in the enviable position of doing work that means something and being part a team who feel like a family.

I’m proud that I can help to lead a business that is recognised as a B-Corp – a special kind of business striving to create a positive impact for our workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.

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