2023 Annual Snapshot

January 18, 2024
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Wow! Another whirlwind year for The Social Deck in 2023.

In a year that saw ‘consultancy’ almost become a bit of a dirty word (at least in government), we were proud to thrive again in 2023 by staying focused on delivering quality, evidence-based and purpose-driven work to our clients.

We were recognised for our efforts in inclusion and diversity as winners of the Buy Queensland Awards and, as shown in our snapshot, we continued to grow the diversity of partners and suppliers we work with to help deliver projects.

The last 4 months of 2023 were our busiest yet. Testament to having such passionate and hardworking individuals in our team, we managed to deliver two national consultations even while our Director of Impact and Engagement undertook a 3 month journey around Europe.

One of our greatest learnings of 2023 was how important it is to have a team that supports each other and is willing to step up. This fits with our TSD manifesto, which reiterates our commitment that: ‘We accept new challenges with an open mind and a willingness to learn. We share our skills and knowledge with each other to grow and adapt. We are driven to work hard because we believe in what we do.’

We also continued to learn about and value the importance of partnerships throughout 2023, almost doubling the number of partners we worked with and sub-contracted to help us to deliver important work.

Both the national consultations to develop the National Autism Strategy and the National Housing and Homelessness Plan saw us working extensively with community partners and co-facilitators to make sure people from priority populations were engaged.  

We also learned that people are continuing to want governments to be transparent in what it is doing and how information from community engagement is being used.

This year we plan to publish some new papers on some of these issues in an effort to continue to advocate for the best possible practice in inclusive community engagement. Stay tuned on our socials or sign up to our irregular newsletter for updates on those.

And with 2024 being our 10th anniversary in business, we’re making conscious decisions to focus on the growth of our value and impact, not of our size. We know our people are our greatest assets and so we’ll be backing and investing in the expertise of those we have around us, including our team and our partners.

If you want to connect with us more in 2024, reach out direct to one of our Directors

Managing Director – Kate kate@thesocialdeck.com

Director of Impact and Engagement – Mel mel@thesocialdeck.com

Director of Digital and Innovation – Steve steve@thesocialdeck.com

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