Business is growing: with heart and purpose

February 4, 2019

Five years in and The Social Deck is growing. We’re growing in size, in projects and in purpose. Most importantly, we’re growing our impact.

As a family business, we know the impact we have matters – whether it’s working on issues across Australian communities or in our own local community. Our Directors – Kate, Steve and Mel come from very different backgrounds professionally, but five years ago we joined forces to achieve a common purpose – we wanted to help tackle some of society’s trickier challenges and get people involved and working together.

We set about making sure the work we do, everyday, has some positive impact.

Since 2013, the Social Deck has worked across Australia with government, businesses and community groups on a broad range of environmental and social issues, from sustainable transport and energy to health promotion, environmental education, social reforms and community development.

Over the next five years our vision is to be “exceptional at helping organisations and communities achieve inclusive, meaningful and sustainable change”.

A certified B-Corporation

Across the globe, business as a force for good is gaining momentum, and for good reason. With an increased focus on sustainability and corporate responsibility in business, there’s a growing trend towards making sure business balances purpose and profit.

An example of this is the rise of certified ‘B-Corporations’ (or B-Corps), of which we’re one.

B-Corporations are businesses that use profits and growth as a means to a greater end: positive impact for their employees, communities, wider society and the environment.

In 2018, we achieved B-Corporation recertification. This involved passing a stringent recertification audit to demonstrate our social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

We first became a B-Corp in 2016 and were the first certified organisation on the Sunshine Coast. There are now three in the area, with Montville Coffee and Petawatt Renewable Hydrogen Energy also B-Corp certified.

There are currently 2,655 certified B-Corps globally, 234 in Australia, and 21 in Queensland. A range of global companies with a conscience, such as Patagonia and Ben and Jerry’s icecream, are also certified B-Corps.

Our 2018 Impact Report will be available soon. If you’re interested in learning more about B-Corps or how business can be a force for good, get in touch below.

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