National Bushfire Recovery communication and engagement

A branch of a tree regrowing after a fire

The Social Deck designed and undertook a program of engagement with communities across bushfire affected communities in Queensland, NSW, South Australia and Victoria, on behalf of the National Bushfire Recovery Agency (NBRA). This involved:

• Development of a community engagement strategy and implementation plan

• Implementation of engagement activity using entirely online methods (given COVID-19 restrictions which came it at the beginning of the project)

• Data collection and analysis

• Use of maps and land use information to understand issues discussed with community members

• Design of a comprehensive report to improve communication and engagement with bushfire affected communities.

In addition, we were also engaged from June to August 2020 to assist the NBRA to develop its Stakeholder Engagement Framework, which involved:

• Stakeholder mapping with staff across the Agency

• Development of engagement principles and guidance

• Templates to support NBRA staff to undertake community and stakeholder engagement for new projects including implementation of Local Economic Recovery Plans

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