Zero Emission Vehicle Strategy and Action Plan

The word electric written on the side of a silver car.

In 2022, the Queensland Government released the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Strategy.  

The ZEV Strategy is both vehicle type and fuel agnostic, and extends the Government’s focus beyond electric vehicles to the opportunities that zero emission technologies and manufacturing can bring, and identifies how the government can maximise these opportunities for Queensland.  

The Social Deck supported development of the strategy through extensive engagement with government, industry and environmental stakeholders and the drafting of the strategy.  

Our role specifically included:

  • facilitation and coordination of workshops
  • reviewing and reporting on public survey data
  • drafting the strategy based on stakeholder consultations and data
  • designing and producing the strategy, ensuring it is accessible and has clear messages about the Queensland Government’s zero emission vehicle and energy policies
  • developing a communication strategy
  • creating communication and digital assets for launch of the strategy including social media and videos, as well as supporting products.
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Director of Digital and Innovation (and CFO / COO)
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The Social Deck supported the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads to engage with key stakeholders and to develop Queensland’s first Zero Emission Vehicle Strategy.


Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads


Stakeholder engagement
Content creation
Communication Strategy
Strategy development

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