Strategic communication support for Queensland’s Path to Treaty

Photograph of a drone shot of Palm Cove Beach in Cairns. The ocean meets a long stretch of beach with mountains in the background. A circular graphic sits in the top left corner with the text: Treaty.

We worked with the Queensland Government to develop a comprehensive communication strategy for Path to Treaty. The Strategy included development of audience personas with advice on positioning, messaging, media opportunities, influencers and ways to address misinformation or other challenges impacting public perceptions.

The project supported the communication objectives to:

  • raise awareness and educate Queenslanders about the Path to Treaty
  • educate Queenslanders on the benefits of a treaty or treaties
  • promote truth-telling.

We look forward to following Queensland’s journey on the Path to Treaty and are proud to have been part of this early project.

How can we help?
Important issues require thoughtful strategy and nuanced communication approaches. We work with your team to understand key audiences and develop a communication approach that will work.
Vikki McIntyre
Editorial and First Nations Engagement Manager 
Sandra Jbeili
Senior Communication Consultant
Kate Bowmaker
Managing Director & Director of Communications
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We developed a comprehensive communication strategy to support early steps in Queensland’s Path to Treaty



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