There’s worse places to be when social distancing #noosa

Open for business, from a physical distance.

March 26, 2020
Photo of sunset overlooking Noosa River with a kayaker and paddle boarder in the distance.
There’s worse places to be when social distancing #noosa

We're still open for business and like so many others we’re rapidly learning to do things differently and managing a few extra team logistics.

But we know how lucky we are. A lot of our work is already done remotely and online. We’re keeping on with a number of our projects and our full team onboard.

After the health of our families, our priority is to keep our passionate team in place. So when all this is over we’re prepared to help in what will likely be a very busy time in public policy engagement and communication.

The country will be rebuilding economically. The health system will be in recovery. And we’ll all be readjusting socially.

Important and informed public policy needs to keep happening during this time, so responses are immediate, and we avoid further impacts on the most vulnerable who will be the hardest hit. This also means people need to keep being engaged to have their say on the issues that affect them.

We’re equipped to engage online and have been doing it for a few years. But part of doing things differently includes refining our approaches so ‘virtual’ engagement can be accessed by more people.  

We’re grateful for the many tips and advice people have shared on virtual and online engagement so far. Thanks to IAP2A for their comprehensive list.

Online engagement at this time won’t be for everyone, and it will be important to acknowledge that results over this period will be impacted by the external factors of Covid-19.  

But some people will be crying out for interaction. This might last for months. For some, it will be an opportunity they may not have had time for before.  

So we’ll be here, at our home desks, on Zoom, email, discussion boards, and at a safe, physical distance in our newly set up AV conference room (until lock down at least).

If you want to chat to us about engaging online during this time, get in touch with our Director of Digital and Innovation, Steve Speldewinde

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